“A critical asset to Kellogg” Jean-Yves Heude - Former Managing Director, Kellogg.



“Paul brings exactly the right blend of creative, strategy, account, entrepreneurial and leadership skills needed for the task”. Alex Hunt - CEO PRS INVIVO. Former System1 Head of Research.

“A super-human ability to see around corners”. John Gerzema - New York Times best-selling author.

“His leadership inspired the team to constantly strive to create better work”. Fraser Taylor - Former Marketing Director, Kellogg.

I have to say I've enjoyed working with Paul. More importantly, however, Paul's process of exploring our brand proposition was very insightful, leading to a campaign proposition and concept that truly "grokked" how we could better connect our brand with consumers. Cameron Hughes - Founder and CEO Cameron Hughes Wine.

“We brought Paul on board to help us develop the right brand strategy to support our company growth goals. From the start, Paul has been an exemplary strategic partner. He has the ability to paint a vision for the business and brand, together with the strategic and creative talent to achieve it. He has a genuine passion to help grow our business and leads in a consultative way that brings people along with him”. Caroline Lane - Senior Marketing Manager - Cameron Hughes Wine.